How to Use


You can use Bookalay either by buying books, sharing books, or registering as a Librarian.

You can GIFT THE LIBRARY as well to share the knowledge in the society and  serving low-income communities.

An open street library can be a cost-effective way of providing access to books and other materials, as it reduces the need for expensive physical buildings and facilities.

Looking for a way to improve access to books and other educational resources in your community ? Bookalay open street library is a unique and innovative way to do just that.

Buy and Share Your Book

You can pick a book of your interest and share it with the community near by you. Also, you can leave the book for other readers to look at and see if it can attract their interest. One can find New Books To Read, Fiction, Non Fiction, Comic Book, Kids Book, or Books that help you open with yourself and the world.

Additionally, when you share your learnings from the book you have read with other readers. They can be people coming to the same spot as yours, your friends, your neighbours, your cousins residing in a different city, your grandparents, your reading mates, or anyone who, has just begun with ‘Reading’.

Donate and Feel Happiness

One of the greatest joys in this world is to ‘Donate’. Most importantly, when you donate ‘Books’, it gives you an unmatched satisfaction and happiness as your donation helps people gain knowledge and build their personality. Donating Books is one of its own kind as it make you the source of people’s light, sight, and enlightenment.

Moreover, people looking for the best story books to read, story book, epic books for kids, must read books of all time can make a selection for your donations. Imagine the joy you will experience when you will learn that those readers could connect with your favourite characters and the most heart-wrenching paragraphs. The reader inside you will be immensely happy!

The Best Part—Using reclaimed materials will turn the bookshop into a Special Library—as it can ‘Go Green’ with recycled books.


Once you have practised sharing books and would want to be a part of something bigger than that

Register yourself as a Librarian and Install a Bookalay Box.

You can install this box nearby your place, inside your community, at your neighbourhood, near your college/school/univesity, or a place which is easily accessible by a majority of readers.

This box will be an ‘Easy To Go Library’ which you can take care of and help readers use that for picking a book, leaving a book, or sharing the book.

We'd love to work with you to bring an open street library to your neighborhood.

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